EDM #1– a shoe

EDM #1– a shoe
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My first EveryDay Matters drawing challenge. Just a quick sketch of one of my old sandals.  And here is the source for the sketch, my poor old beat up, beloved, black birks.114_2626

2 thoughts on “EDM #1– a shoe”

  1. Okay…looks like I will be one of the first to comment on your first EDM challenge; so…here goes.
    I started doing EDM challenges exactly a year ago. I hadn’t drawn anything deliberately since sixth grade. I have been very encouraged by the evolution of my participation in this simple group. My hope would be that you continue taking advantage of the loooong list of things to draw and find the inspiration to ‘spark'(!) your obvious creativity.
    It is appropriate that the first drawing you submitted for public consumption on your new art blog is the very fundamental, everyday thing that epitomizes the first step of a thousand mile journey that you referred to elsewhere: your well-worn shoe/birk.

  2. rock kyndl–Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!! I didn’t even realize until your comment just how appropriate the EDM challenge subject matter was. It is amazing, these mysterious little coincedences that pop up.

    I’m glad to hear from someone who started out as a beginner with the EDM challenges and has grown from doing them. Hopefully, I will also.

    As you can tell, I’m very new to blogging so I hope that adding this reply in my comments section is the proper way to say thanks for dropping by and for the encouraging words. If not, feel free to educate me on the correct blog etiquette. 🙂

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