EDM#161 smells wonderful

EDM#161 smells wonderful
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This week the challenge was to draw something that smells wonderful. I chose the honeysuckle vines I planted along my fence. I remembered the smell from childhood and wanted some vines at my home. I also wanted the vines to attract birds to the yard. The birds seem to love the odd vine with reddish, purple, orange flowers on it. (I’m partial to the old fashioned white and yellow ones.) They also like to play in the copper feeder in the middle that I keep having to train the vine around. Obviously, the honeysuckle isn’t blooming now so I filled in the blanks with some help from a gardening catalog. The bare bones of the vine and a few leaves are still there, giving me a skeleton to hang the drawing on and the birds a place to hide out.
This drawing was also the first time I used masking fluid in a painting. Talk about something that does NOT smell wonderful. Ammonia, yuckkkkk!!! I used it to save the white for the flower clusters. They should have looked white and yellow, but I think the yellow tried to win out. Still, I swear in real life the drawing doesn’t look thaaaat yellow<cringe>, at least not as yellow as the scan seems to me.

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