EDM#163, originally uploaded by ffyrebird.

EDM Challenge #163 Draw a deck of cards. Finding the prop was a bit of a challenge. I had to search the house top to bottom but I was able to dig up a real deck of cards for the challenge. Having a house full of kids means I easily found four different types of Uno sets, scads of baseball cards, and role-playing card games but the real cards were buried deep in a closet. Go figure….

2 thoughts on “EDM#163”

  1. I love the deck of cards, I’m way behind on my challenges, I’m not so sure how I’m going to catch up on the rest. But as I scrolled through your Blog I noticed you’ve done the GPP Crusades! I just found that site and did the carving challenge. It’s so much fun isn’t it!

    Keep up the great work you have here!

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