GPP Crusade #18


I’ve had a blast with this crusade!  I got to pretend to be a sculptress as a I carved out a few stamps for my journal, cool.

For my first try at carving a stamp, I chose an abstract design based on a sculpture that I saw in a catalog. I really don’t have a place in my home for a large sculpture of a moebius flame, but it fits just fine in my journal pages <grin>.114_2754_7114_2760_2

The next stamp that I carved was a very primitive-looking little bird.  We’ve been having a lot of fun lately watching the birds at our backyard feeders and I think it is time that they found a page or two of their own in my journal.  I was on the phone and not paying much attention to carving the stamp so I accidentally started shaving off the lines instead of the negative area around the image. When I realized what I was doing it was too late.  I decided to just go with it and added an outline also.  Didn’t test out too bad, so I trimmed the stamp into a rough bird shape and left it.

I’ve been wanting a few b114_2761ackground stamps for my journal so I took a whole stamp block and carved parallel lines into.  I like the way it turned out, simple and versatile.

Finally, here114_2759_3  is a glimpse of my poor desk with all the carving chaos

14 thoughts on “GPP Crusade #18”

  1. Ffyrebird – how perfect to have your first two stamps be a fire and a bird πŸ™‚ That flame is awesome, especially the way you inked it up. Great stuff – love seeing the evidence of the carvings being tested out too. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Hi Ffirebird
    You did a lovely job on carving these stamps! Funny to read how you carved the bird, I like the way it came out!! You are going to have a lot of fun with the background stamp. I have made them in different sizes and use them A LOT! Thanx for sharing,

  3. I really like the design of your stamps. The flame and bird are wonderful. I am, however, especially fond of your lined stamp. As you said the simplicity will make it very verstile in your journals. I look forward to seeing it used in a journal. Hopefully, you will post a photo on your blog?

  4. So you have been inspired by the birds as well! I have been totally captivated by robins. I think your new stamps are great, and your idea for the endlessly useful background stamp is inspired.

  5. Your bird stamp turned out very nice! The test of creativity is to turn a “mistake” into something wonderful, and you certainly passed the test! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s inspiring to see how a ‘mistake’ can become such a great image. What a friendly little bird. And I just may copy that Moebius flame!

  7. Very cool flame – great how we can fit lots of things in our journals that we can’t fit into our homes, isn’t it? Also wonderful bird mistake. I hope all your mistakes (and mine) turn out that positive!

  8. Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the stamps!! I had so much fun carving them and even more fun reading your kind messages. I’m off to go carve a ‘stamp’ stamp to use for a frame. Help, I’m hooked!!

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