EDM# 166 Draw a fish

Edm166_3 Here is a little ink and watercolor pair of imagikoi.  I wanted to do something along the lines of the fish on crumpled masa paper in Art Escapes by Dory Kanter.  I found what I thought was a sheet of masa in my study, drew the fish, crumpled, and painted.  I'm not so sure the paper was masa, now.  It felt very soft and limp, almost like cloth, after I crumpled it and didn't really keep the creases.  I'd like to try this again on 'crisper' paper, that way the background might turn out with more veining and texture.  Still, it was fun and fast.  A nice little paste-in for my new journal.  Thought I'd never fill the old Handbook journal. I'm thinking on posting some of the entries that I'd done in it pre-blog, just to celebrate finishing it.

4 thoughts on “EDM# 166 Draw a fish”

  1. I especially like your fish and your bird stamps. I have the same book by Dory Kanter and dip into it from time to time, a very nice book. – Barbara

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