EDM#76 Flowers

Edm076 I just finished hacking and slashing at the jumbled honeysuckle vine and clematis tangle in my little garden.  The vines were growing through our wooden privacy fence in places and I'd started to worry about eventual damage to the fence.  So, I lopped off the bits growing through the fence and my Dear Hubby helped put three sections of latticework in front of the fence.  I think the honeysuckle will survive the surgery, but I can't tell if the clematis vine even made it through the winter.  It is tangled up so much with the other vines that the only way to tell where it grows is to wait for it to bloom.  Still it is a lovely effect, the blue blooms among the white and gold honeysuckle.  It was even nicer when the roses, placed in pots in front of the jumble, were alive.  Tempting to go buy some more David Austin roses, so old-fashioned and fragrant!!

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