GPP Crusade #19


Another Crusade, another great learning experience!!  I've never tried my hand at making or using stencils so this was a great way to begin.  After going to Hobby Lobby for the stencil material, Hotmark tool, and picture glass, I sat down on the floor of my sunroom to cut stencils.  Lots of great light and I didn't have to worry about the kiddos getting near the hot cutter or it flying off my desk (I am a terrible klutz).  Cutting the stencils was easier than I thought it would be, thanks to the great instructions Michelle gave.  Wheww!! I didn't realize it would be so stinky!  The smell of burning pastic, gackk!  I should have known better.  Melting plastic gives off all sorts of noxius fumes, no wonder my asthma acted up.  Next time I'll have better ventilation or a mask.

Here are a few pics of my foray into stencil land:


After seeing Michelle's flame stencils, I just had to make a set of my own <G>.  Here are the journal pages I made with my new stencils:

Gpp_stencils004_2 Watercolor using the bottom flames stencil in the previous pic.

Gpp_stencils_5 Watercolor and charcoal. The top flames stencil used twice, plus a firebird and tall flame stencil.

Gpp_stencils002_2 My favorite.  Watercolor on crumpled, singed masa.  When I pasted it into my journal, the stark white journal paper surrounding it was rather jarring.  I rubbed some pastel on the journal paper so it blended  better with the paste-in.

Gpp_stencils005_2 Colored pencil on pastel.  I went back and reworked almost all of the images, but this one needed the most tweaking.  I think the original's lines were too thin and needed to be made larger in the stencil for a pencil to fit into them easier.

7 thoughts on “GPP Crusade #19”

  1. WOW!!! Look at all these terrific stencils – so YOU ms. ffyrebird! Loving how you did all your pages too! I’m so pleased to see you are really running with this one – a new trick, a new tool. *high five* Thanks for sharing with the team.

  2. Wowie zowie! When I first saw the stencil, I thought it was a face – some sort of of laughing goat with eyelashes and spooky things [which ithought was pretty cool] and now I see it is a phoenix – even cooler. Lovely variations

  3. Wonderful stencils, one and all, and they made great pages! Some plastics are stinkier than others, I’ve found styrene to be especially smelly! 🙂

  4. OMG! I love your ffyrebyrd… it’s fabulous. You have more patience than me – although I haven’t bought the tool yet, but I’m saving up!!!!

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