My minimalist purse journaling kit

This is the bare minimum journal/sketch kit that I toss in my purse and take just about everywhere with me.  It is pretty tiny and light, just an old eyeglass case full of goodies (two permanent pens in black and brown, felt tip pen, 7B Shorty pencil, mechanical pencil, click eraser, kneaded eraser in a zip case w/ yarn tag, ruler w/ yarn tag, and a tortillion w/ yarn tag so I can find and retrieve them easily), a journal and a watercolor kit.The Holbein watercolor kit could probably fit in the back of the eyeglass case also, but I sketch more than I watercolor in public so I left it in its own little bag.  The journal I'm using now is from Derwent and just doesn't handle watercolor very well anyway.  The watercolor of the peachtree I did in it ended up feeling like the paper was going to fall apart before I was finished painting.  Bummer!100_3195  100_3197

One thought on “My minimalist purse journaling kit”

  1. Great idea! I need to create some type of carrying case for my pencils and gear. I hae gone through 2 clear plastic bags. The one that once held loofah and skin care products had a bad zipper. Right now iM using my bible case yukkkk!

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