May Manga Mania Day 29

Everyday_mini I'm still a day behind, bummer….  Today's drawing is a request/dare from my second oldest son.  When I first started drawing manga he asked if I could draw a chibi version of a Predator.  I told him that I was willing to try if he could find a good refence photo.  He started searching the net and I thought he'd end up bringing me a movie still or promo shot.  Instead, he came back with this little AVP Scar Predator toy with a huge bobbly, chibi style head.  Cool!  We searched for a few more closeups of weapons and armor today then it was off to the drawing board, literally<G>.  This is the result, definitely a little different…  MMM has become quite the family affair here, with the whole gang helping and encouraging me.  As Rachel said, "Who'd have thunk it!!"MayManga029    PS . Kiddo #2, I love you too dude!!

One thought on “May Manga Mania Day 29”

  1. A day behind, pah, who cares? You have more than risen to the challenge. And it sounds as though you’ve managed to impress and inspire your children along the way. I’d call that a real success!

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