Month: July 2008

GPPC21buttonYes, I am still alive.  I’ve just been on a bit of a blog/drawing/posting vacation.  I’m back to post a GPP Crusade, late as usual.  The Crusades are just such fun that I can’t resist playing and it is hard to stop and simply post.  This Crusade was wax resist.  We did crayon rubbings when I was a kid but adding the paint for a resist is just too cool.  The directions are to use thin paper and do a rubbing with a crayon, then cover the image with watery acrylic paint and wipe off.  I’m not much for acrylic paints, but I do have tons of watercolor so that is what I used in my resists.  I used sumi practice paper because it was thin and had a slight texture to it that I liked.

Gpp21#006My first experiment was yellow crayon rubbed over a Celtic cross lawn ornament.  Kinda looks glow in the dark, eeeeesshhhh!!

 Gpp21#005 Next up was a rubbing of the wire cover to our gerbil’s home.  I like the result, but I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with it.  Pardon the bad scan, it is a tad too large for the scanner bed and I couldn’t get it to lay right…

Gpp21#009  The Crusade techniques stand out from my usual drawing style in my journal and throw people when they flip through it.  I decided to make one spread explaining what they were looking at this time.  I printed the crusade button on tracing paper and collaged it in.

Gpp21#002 Its hard to tell, but this is a rose carving from the headboad of the bedroom set that my DH and I had when we first got married.  I’m a sentimental packrat, so now it lives in my DD’s room and we’ll probably never get rid of it.

Gpp21#004  This is from the carving on my Majacraft Rose spinning wheel.  There wasn’t enough contrast between the white crayon and tan watercolor to see the rose, so I floated in some red and green watercolor.

Gpp21#007 Gpp21#008 I plan to use these rubbings of baskets as future backgrounds for journaling.

As always, the Crusade was a fun learning experience!!

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