Here are two quick attempts at the etegami demos in the book, Sanpo No Suisai: Fude Pen De Kaku Kantan Sketch,  by Chihiro Tanaka.  The English title is, Watercolors While Taking a Stroll, Easy Sketches done with a Waterbrush .  The book was recomended on the sketching forum by Russ Stutler.




4 thoughts on “Etegami”

  1. Love it! What exactly does Etegami mean? I like how loose and fresh the flowers are and the potted plants too. HOw are you using the water brush? Just plain water and a small set of watercolors? cheers!

  2. Thank you so very much!! E-tegami means picture letters. Evidently, in Japan a popular hobby is sketching on postcards in brush and ink and also watercolor. I used The Sakura Koi watercolor set and the tiny waterbrush that came with it for both sketches. I also did the first directly with a Pentel brush pen, the ink is waterproof and going without a pencil drawing kept me from fussing with it and forced me into drawing loose.

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