Ironing leaves

After the pumpkin patch, we went to one of our favorite parks to gather leaves.  That was a lot of fun for the younger two, while the older pair got bored and a bit rowdy with Dad.  After we got the leaves home came the drudge work of ironing them between wax paper to help preserve them.  Master procrastinator that I am, I tried to put it off as long as posssible.  Finally fears of all the leaves being dry and crunchy forced me to the ironing board late one night.10-26-08 Ironing Leaves   A few scorched fingers and a roll of wax paper later and my house is full of leaves smushed between sheets of wax paper.  Now I have to go unearth the construction paper for the kiddos so they can start their art projects and I can quit waltzing around leaf piles.

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