Month: January 2009

It seems like forever since I last posted to this blog.  I have been toying with the idea of shutting it down, but I want to give it one more try before I do that.  To play a little catch up, here are a few pages from a travel journal I've been working on.  The trip was in December, but the journal is just being finished now because I had a big vision scare and depression.  Around 60 percent of people with PXE start to lose their vision beginning in their forties due to a process similar to wet macular degeneration.  While I was on the trip I started seeing a flashing, strobing light in one eye and a small blind spot– I thought it was the beginning of the end vision wise.  I put the journal aside and obsessed the whole trip until I could see the retina specialist.   After the emergency visit and follow up a month later it looks like my eyes are stable and it was just a vitreous detachment.  Still, after facing what the future might hold I've been pretty depressed.  Oddly enough instead of drawing, I've been spinning, weaving and knitting again.  Those crafts just seem comforting, wonder if it is just tactile vs. visual going on in my head?

Anyway, I managed to do some work on the vacation journal despite the memories being months old.  The paper in this Canson sketchbook is too thin to do watercolor without buckling and their is a lot of bleed through with markers and ink jet transfers.  I did a bit of pasting in to cover up the blobs on the backsides of pages.  I think I should have just skipped that and worked on one side only since the pages ended up looking crowded after I covered all the show through and added text…..

  Fl2 journal001  Fl2 journal002  

Fl2 journal003  Fl2 journal004  

Fl2 journal005  Fl2 journal006  

Fl2 journal007 

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