Month: February 2009

Tad6w  My Thing-a-Day item for the 27th and 28th was to work on a pair of socks I am knitting from handspun.  They are toe up and after I turned the heel, I tried it on.  Ugg, too snug!  One small seven row portion of fair isle knitting right before I did the the heel had floats that were too long and didn't stretch like the rest of the sock.  I ripped back to before that section and found a new fair isle pattern to use with smaller floats. I started reknitting at the arrow and two days later I am back to where I was before.  At least the sock feels comfy now!


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Tad6w  For Thing-a-Day today, I had fun playing with a little sample batt from my fiber stash.  I spun the singles on a Schacht Matchless, then wound the singles off onto a nostepinne.  Using both ends of the centerpull ball, I plied it on the Schacht. 

P1000616 P1000619  


I wound the yarn off onto a niddy-noddy and here is the finished skein, ready to be washed and set.

P1000623 P1000626

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Tad6w  My project for Thing-a-Day today has been in the works for quite a long time.  This project was my first try at spinning cotton.  It is a cotton and recycled denim fiber blend.  I spun it on a Bosworth book charkha and after I filled three spindles I wound the singles off together onto a weavers storage bobbin using a bobbin winder.  Here's a photo showing how I set it up (please ignore the current singles on the spindles as they are just things I'm sampling now on the charkha).


 When one spindle ran out of singles on it, I would break off the other two, spin each spindle full again, splice the singles on the spindles to those on the bobbin and wind off again onto the bobbin.  I repeated this cycle until I ran out  of fiber.

The singles had a lot of twist when I wound them off to the bobbin.  I let them stay on the storage bobbin for quite a while until they were 'stale' and I didn't have to fight the active twist and snarls while plying.  To ply the singles, I slipped the drive band off of the bobbin winder and put a little hand weight on its base and used it as a lazy kate.  I plyed all three singles using a folding Lendrum wheel with a plying head.Normally, I wind the yarn off into a skein, wash and set it but this time I decided to wind it off directly into a centerpull ball using a nostepinne

P1000612 P1000614 

Since cotton yarn has so absolutely no stretch it is very stessful to me to  knit at a tight gauge. To avoid the stess on my hands, I thought I could knit it loosely then wash and dry it using high heat.  Being cotton, maybe the piece would shrink and tighten up the knitting and spare my hands.

P1000615 Finished knitting and ready to toss in the washer and dryer.  We'll see how the shrinking experiment works…. 




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Tad6w  Just a little quick pen and watercolor for today….

Feb 024b  

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For anyone who might not be aware of it, Google has aquired Feedburner.  Now all Feeedburner feeds have to be transferred to a Google account by Feb 28.  I have been using Feedburner on this site, but I really don't want to hassle with creating a Google account and dealing with their notoriously on again, off again service, and other issues.  That means that after this post I am switching back to whatever default RSS 'thingie' Typepad has.  This means that if you are subscribed to this blog's feed you will have to resubscribe to it.  Sorry for any inconvenience, just thought I'd give you a heads up.

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Tad6w  For TAD today I did just a little spinning on My Country Craftsman wheel, it had a Tencel and Merino blend on it that I am spinning into singles that I'll ply for a sockweight yarn for…Socks!


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Tad6w My creative thing-a-day for this weekend was to  work on my Painter's vest.  The yarn is from Mountain Colors (I think) purchased on a long ago trip as a souvenir.  I planned and started the vest awhile ago then got sidetracked by other hobbies. 


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Tad6w  I filled another bobbin with this mixed fiber bat.  The bits of silk in it and short pieces of odd fibers make it hard to spin smooth, so I'm going for a textured single with it.  The Journey wheel keeps making this whirring sound, I'll tinker with it when I change bobbins.

 P1000605 P1000602

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Tad6w  I was bored waiting on the kiddos to finish at the library so I started this manga and finished it at home.  I knew I couldn't do TAD without throwing in at least one manga drawing!

Feb 019

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Tad6w  I have a collection of stuffed animals and figures hanging out on my computer desk.  This one is a Ty beanie that I slit the back seam and stuffed a pop-bead armature into. Now he is poseable, pretty nifty…

Feb 018b

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