End of baseball season

The kiddos' baseball and softball games are finished and DH had us making his usual end of season treat for his team.  Each year DH coaches a team, he makes a set of baseball cards for his guys with their photos and stats of all the team members.  R1 makes up the design on his computer and we take the templates to the copy shop and make up the baseball cards.  This year the team was called the Bombers.  When it came time to make the logo for the cards, R2, who was part of the team said, "Mom can draw up a baseball bomber for us!"  Kids– gotta love 'em…

 R2 and I brainstormed for awhile and came up with this idea

I simplified it and added watercolor to get this

We didn't think that would show up well on the grey background of the card so R1 took the scan of my original drawing and colored it with Photoshop

Here is how the cards turned out, excuse my rotten scans and cropping..



6 thoughts on “End of baseball season”

  1. Oh how great for the kids! And great artistry! Last year for my son’s basketball team I took pictures of each of them during the game and made bookmarks out of them, they loved it!

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