Reflexions wirebound sketchbook

Below are a few more experiments in the Reflexions wire-bound sketchbook.  The top one is my first attempt at using the paper- vintage Conklin Crescent fountain pen, Noodler's ink.  The paper fuzzed and clogged the nib, the wash was unpredictable on the absorbent paper, and the brown ink separated out into odd colors.


The next try was with a Pentel brown brushpen.  Obviously, it avoided the fouled nib problem, but doing a wash on this paper was a failure.


Reflexions trial

I've been trying out a Reflexions wirebound sketchbook lately.  I'm not very pleased with it.  The paper is soft and resembles blotting paper.  The fibers catch on the nib of my fountain pens so I won't be using my fave vintage pens with this book.  A Sailor pen with the Zoom nib is the only fountain pen that doesn't grab the paper fibers.  Adding a wash to pen and ink also is a problem for this book.  The paper is so absorbent that a wash spreads in weird ways along the fibers.  The Noodler's ink I love to use in my fountain pens separated out into odd colors on this paper also- strange greens and blues from the brown ink.  The goose below was a fast test sketch/journal blurb done with the Sailor pen, zoom nib and Noodler's pecan (beaver?) ink.