Reflexions trial

I've been trying out a Reflexions wirebound sketchbook lately.  I'm not very pleased with it.  The paper is soft and resembles blotting paper.  The fibers catch on the nib of my fountain pens so I won't be using my fave vintage pens with this book.  A Sailor pen with the Zoom nib is the only fountain pen that doesn't grab the paper fibers.  Adding a wash to pen and ink also is a problem for this book.  The paper is so absorbent that a wash spreads in weird ways along the fibers.  The Noodler's ink I love to use in my fountain pens separated out into odd colors on this paper also- strange greens and blues from the brown ink.  The goose below was a fast test sketch/journal blurb done with the Sailor pen, zoom nib and Noodler's pecan (beaver?) ink.


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