Lent March 11

This one is posted late,after 1 am,because I kept trying to get a good scan of the gold writing.  The foil is much shinier IRL, but it just won’t show up in a scan.  I just  wanted to do a quick scribble and go to bed since I’m still sick,but nooooo I get a cranky scanner and invisible gold letters.  UGHHHH!!!!!


ETA– When I looked at Thursday’s sketch this morning I realized I had misspelled a word. That was the last straw, I hated the lettering part and it had to go.  Of course; being tired,sick and totally clumsy this morning I decided to burn a frame for the sketch to hide the nasty, misspelling.  Well,the hotmark tool was too slow and managed to burn one finger and melt my polish on another.  So, I’m off to try a candle flame.  I managed to set my paper on fire and completely burn up my frame and new lettering not once but three times!!  This is as good as it gets— the verse is now spelled properly and my house is singed but still standing.  I need chocolate, NOW!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Lent March 11”

  1. –This is cool. What a great idea making a frame.
    ~Sorry you are feeling under the weather..and burnt your finger. =(

  2. Nancy-
    Ahhh, tea and bed sounds lovely.
    I think the idea of a sick me playing with fire frightened the family- I’m notoriously klutzy when I’m tired or sick.

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