Lent March 27

She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.  Proverbs 31:19

I love this verse because I am a hand spinner.  Even though I have spinning wheels and charkhas for ‘production’ spinning, I love my hand spindles.  They are like little works of art; all sorts of shapes, styles, woods, made of everything from pottery to fossil mammoth tusks.  Hopefully this spindle is recognizable as a Cascabeles spindle by Gabe Jaramillo.  I asked him for one with character and he made this one he called a rustbucket, :)!!  It is full of patterns in the wood with little knots and streaks- love it!

Lent039 ETA–When I drew this spindle, I hung it by the hook on a wire of my desk lamp and drew what I saw.  I realize now that this doesn’t show how it looks in use.  If I was spinning on it the little thread (single) of twisted fiber would spiral up to the hook and the spindle would be suspended from it- not coming off of the side as I drew it, that’s just how it looks between spinning sessions.

4 thoughts on “Lent March 27”

  1. That’s unusual and interesting! Lots of beautiful drawings since the last time I came! You have a very large range of styles, it’s great! Especially love your animals (the lion, the deer, the little bird who takes flight) and the burning bush with its rich colors!

  2. Well, until this I had no idea what a spindle looks like. Now I know. Love all the threads in your drawing, and that hook and the top part. Nicely done! Wouldn’t know what to do with the thing though (the spindle, not the drawing).

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