Lent March 8

A hen and her chicks based on a couple of examples in The Chinese Brush Painting Bible.


6 thoughts on “Lent March 8”

  1. Beautifully done! And the bible really works because that’s what I thought immediately after looking at them… Chinese Ink Painting! 🙂
    Thanks for your comments on my shoes drawing. If you already have toe socks, then you wouldn’t have any problems wearing those FiveFingers shoes… the toe socks were made for those! ^^

  2. Thanks Alex! My kiddos tease me but I do love toe socks,especially in wild colors. They are just so silly that I giggle whenever I slip my clogs off and wiggle my toesies!

  3. jay.me– I am so glad I finally have the bugs worked out. Each time they upgrade the platform it takes a bit of getting used to. In this case, for the time being, older is definitely better.

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