2010 EDinM #16



My second oldest son, R2, had been out with me getting in a bit of driving practice and when we got home we found this little guy in our driveway.  I got out to shoo the bunny off the drive so he could pull the van in.  Mr. bunny really wasn’t very afraid of me.  He just hopped off a few feet into some grass under the maple tree from my last post.  He seemed pretty content to sit there watching us watch him.  This was too good to pass up.  My son has been playing with a new lens for his camera and so he took a few pics of the bunny for me.  I think it was fun to combine our hobbies and draw from one of his photos.


4 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #16”

  1. What a gorgeous painting!! What a wonderful gift this would be for a baby shower or for a child’s birthday…or even for an adult who loves nature!

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