2010 EDinM #31


Today is the last day of  Every Day in May and my drawing is a bit anticlimactic.  We spent all day just running around like crazy.  I managed to get in a very quick sketch while we were sitting at the Noodle Company.  Just a quick scribble of a nearby chair to end the month.


5 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #31”

  1. The chair looks quite shiny! Good job for ending the month. A project’s ending is always anticlimactic. Flip through all your drawings for the month and savor them for a few days and then you’ll be ready to set them aside for the next new project.

  2. I love your chair rendering! And a HUGE congratulations on meeting your goal. I agree that project endings are anticlimactic- but I’m sure once the accomplishment sets in- you’ll feel very satisfied!

  3. Well done on finishing all of the challenges in May. Did you also fall in a coma after finishing May? I have hardly done any drawings since the chair…. Anyway, it’s a nice sketch, I like how you captured the light in the back of the chair.

  4. Thanks everyone, it does feel great to finish a challenge like this.

    Johanna- I nearly dropped my laptop laughing when I read your comment!! Yes, I have fallen into a post-project coma or at least something close to one. I’ve been taking a breather and trying to spend less time with my computer and more time with my poor, neglected family =). Although now I have this urge to go draw something!! Break time is over, LOL!!

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