2010 EDinM #5, 6 & 7

Everyday_miniMy EDinM entries for the fifth, sixth and seventh are doing double duty.  They are my contribution to an art journal round robin that I am playing in. Planning and drawing for the round robin has been keeping me pretty busy, so I'm going to let them stand for my EDinM entries for the days I completed them on. 

The theme of the round robin is Journey to the Imagination.  Any time I start a drawing project my children ask if I am going to be drawing chibis.  No matter what I draw, they like the manga the best, especially my chibis.  So for the first spread I did my little chibi alter ego reading the book, The Scarlet Pimpernel and imagining herself as the heroine, MargueriteThe text is from the Gutenberg Project. I played with it in Photoshop then transferred it onto an inked spread in the book using Sheer Heaven paper.  I added in the colored chibis then finished off with some Twinkling H20s paints.  I wish the scan had caught how the Twinkling paint shimmers and shifts colors….



On the sixth I worked on a spread that was inspired by a poem that I love, The Stolen Child, by William Butler Yeats.  I borrowed a line from the poem and changed it a bit to issue an invitation to an imaginary realm.


For the last entry, I drew a firebird since I'm fond of firebirds (obviously XD). and because flights of fancy are imagination in overdrive.  I did this on crumpled masa and pasted it between the other two spreads.


3 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #5, 6 & 7”

  1. Very nice. I haven’t done anything in this type of drawing. I have tried transferring with Sheer Heaven but I never get as clean a copy as you have here. In fact mine come out bad enough I’ve quit transferring and now cut out a copy and glue it in. That isn’t transparent but at least I don’t end up with a big smeary blob.

  2. Thank you both!!
    Timaree- If it helps, I use a spray bottle of alcohol and spritz the Sheer Heaven until it is pretty damp. Then after I place it on the receiving page, I rub over the back with a bone folder (a spoon works just as well). I then carefully peel back a corner of the sheer Heaven to see if it transferred. If it didn’t, I rub a bit more. If it did, I slowly peel off the Sheer Heaven bit by bit checking to see how it transferred and stopping to rub if it missed a spot.

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