2010 EDinM #9, #10

Everyday_miniR4 didn’t feel well so we sent the menfolk off to church without us.  The house was quiet so I picked up one of my Native American flutes and started noodling around playing a few hymns on them. When one would wet out I went on to the next, until I came to this Quena/ NAF hybrid.  Somedays I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of the embouchure for this rim blown.  When it works it sounds lovely, but getting it to work…..2010EDinM009

I was planning to draw another building tonight after dropping the kiddos off for their teen devo, but it was pouring outside.  Instead, I came home and did a quickie from a picture on the WetCanvas gallery.


2 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #9, #10”

  1. A most gorgeous window! I love the sound of the Native American flutes. Embouchure? I know that in French, ‘bouche’ is mouth, but I really can’t figure out what the rest means!

  2. Autumnleaves- Thank you! I think NAFs sound so peaceful and mellow, I just fell in love with them. Embouchure (sp?) is how I shape my mouth to get the flute to make a sound. Regular NAFs have a mouthpiece that is similar to a pennywhistle’s, you just pop it between your lips and blow. With this little hybrid I supposedly have to try to “smile and spit watermelon seeds” while finding the right tilt of the flute to hit the sweet spot and make music. I’m doing better at reproducing that magic moment, but it still needs lots of practice to come naturally.

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