2010 EDinM #29


I went to Walmart today to buy replacement heads for our electric toothbrushes.  They were locked up!! We had to have an associate get them.  She said someone had recently stolen all the ones on display.  Honestly, who steals toothbrush heads???  We live in a supposedly nice, safe suburb but it seems crime is increasing everywhere these days.

2010EDinM029 This scanned so light I tried to color correct it, but the corrected version seems kinda fake to me.

This happens a lot to me with pencil drawings.  Any suggestions on how to fix it?  I scanned it with and without black paper beside it.


3 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #29”

  1. When I worked security for Sears for ten years, most of our thefts were to support drug habits, sadly enough. The stolen items were resold for drug money. That said, with this really lousy economic clime we are in today, I suspect many thefts are for necessity…a huge sadness if one has to resort to that. No excuse but it sure says something, doesn’t it? I cannot imagine a market for toothbrush heads so need seems the logical reason. Good to know they are at least brushing their teeth?

    I can’t get pencil drawings to scan well either…

  2. I gave up scanning my pencil drawings and now I take photos. I think you need a really good scanner for graphite. Congratulations – only two days away from the end! Sounds like you’ve enjoyed it, too. Nice drawing!

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