Month: May 2010

Everyday_miniI really have problems with perspective and buildings so today’s sketch is a building, of course!  I want to be able to sketch interesting buildings and get the flavor of a place when we go sightseeing onto the pages of my travel journals.  I know the only way to do this is practice so………..  Putting myself into tourist mode, I drove over to an interesting little old church in our town.  I parked across the way from it and working over my steering wheel drew and painted this little sketch.  It’s not perfect, but it is a start.


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Everyday_miniIt’s that time of year again, time for the annual Every Day in May drawing marathon to begin.  A lot of people from the Every Day Matters group draw and post every day in May.  This year some are revisiting the first Every Day matters challenges and using that as their theme.  That is what I drew today, EDM Challenge #1, draw a shoe.  I don’t know if I’ll stick to this theme, yet.  I had toyed with the idea of using EDinM to force me to work on some of my fears/weak areas-  drawing real people and getting the perspective right for buildings.  I think for now my official goal for the month is to draw from life, whether it is an old EDM challenge or not.  I tend to rely a lot on photos for drawing, and I’d like to get out of that rut. 


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