Doodling at the ballgame

R1 and R2 both got summer jobs as umpires this year.  I was waiting around and got to see a t-ball game R2 was umping.  The little kids were soooooo cute!  They looked like tiny bobbleheads with their batting helmets on.  I tried to get a little practice sketching them but they were so wiggly that I gave up.  I did manage to sketch R2.  He says it doesn’t look anything like him and unfortunately, I agree! LOL!  Still, it was practice and it burned up a little more of the Reflexions sketchbook ( nasty paper, only good for pencil work IMHO).


5 thoughts on “Doodling at the ballgame”

  1. Whether it looks like him or not, you have an excellent figure sketch here! Sometimes when people move so much, I combine several of them together to make one figure, so it doesn’t actually look like any specific person.

  2. Nice sketch! =) I wonder how is it possible to sketch people at a ballgame, everyone just moves so fast there!
    Thanks for your comments on my little Hermit ^^

  3. Lol! It looks good, not knowing what he looks like in reality : ) !
    You’ve done many great drawings since the last time I visited – especially liked the water tower one, and your green nails! (impressive nails, and neat drawing of your hand!)

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