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Vacations took up a lot of our time this year even though we really started preparing for them last year.  We decided we wanted a travel trailer so we could go camping.  Next thing ya know we are proud owners of a Trailmanor Trailer. It’s a really cool trailer that folds down flat like a popup then does this origami transformation to become a nice hard-sided full-sized trailer.  We even bought a nifty Expedition to tow it with.  Unfortunately, we found out that once you get six bodies, our gear, and the trailers hitch weight loaded up we were going to overload the SUV’s weight limit, ACKKK!!  Lots of research later we decide on a Ford f-250 Superduty.  The only problem was last years model didn’t have a shoulder belt or headrest for the kiddo sitting up front in the middle.  Those are pretty important in a crash so we decided to wait for the new models which would have it.  Long story short, we got the truck less than a week before our first trip.

Lots of stress leading up to the trip with a new vehicle and never having towed a trailer (read about our comedy of errors in the Murphy’s law pic below) before but I snuck in some time to bind a spiral journal for the trip.  The zutter binding tools are awesome!!

My journal, Stonehenge paper with some colored pastel, charcoal sheets in the back.  The cover is a sheet of scrapbooking paper over Daveys board.


Some pages out of the journal……..





I don’t usually paste photos into my journals but I had used a copic marker onthe otherside and it bled through so I put two pics by R2 up on the left side.  I love the jellyfish, he has an eye for photos.


My youngest, R4, helped with that one while we waited on the rest of the family to ride a coaster. He helped me draw the squirrel from memory then he painted it!!



Our next trip with the Trailmanor, to Rocky Mountain National Park, went much smoother.  I’ll post a few peaks of it as soon as I finish it off.  I was too busy hiking (and gasping for breath) to do much drawing so I wanted to go back and do a few drawings from photos we took.

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