Concert Remembered

I really enjoy going to the local Christmas concert each year with our children.  They all like hearing the music being played live by the symphony.  The choir and ballet dancers are fun and of course, the grand entry of Santa has always been a hit.  Unlike the rest of the family I am absolutely nonmusical, can’t even carry a tune in a bucket.  Still, I enjoy listening and looking.  I was intrigued this last time by the elegant lines of the bass player and the bass and how the stage lighting  enhanced them.  I really wish I had     sketched it.  It kept bouncing around in my head, so I frankensteined a bunch of stock and publicity photos and recreated the scene somewhat.  Hmmm, the placement on the page could have been better.  Poor guy has the page gutter running through his head!!!


2 thoughts on “Concert Remembered”

  1. Well, don’t worry about not having musical talents, you can draw! Besides, my dad is completely tone deaf, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to belt out his favorite songs!!

  2. Thanks Raena!!! I unashamedly torture my family by singing merrily in church or with my mp3 player. If they’ve been really ornery, I break out my penny whistle or NAFs (that I’m unsuccessfully attempting to learn) and gleefully massacre their musical sensibilities!! Hehehe!!! Actually, they keep encouraging my feeble attempts at music and I appreciate their kindness and patience.

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