January 01, 2011 SketchJournal

A New year, a new beginning.  It’s been way, way too long since I’ve exercised.  Once upon a time I was really into it, but then one overextension in a lunge and my knee went Zing!!!  After a long recovery, everytime I tried to get back into the habit I would either over do it and get my knee to yell at me or get horribly sick.  This year I am forcing myself to go slooooow.  Today was a yoga tape that once upon a time was so easy I almost got rid of it.  I’m glad I kept it because it was perfect for today not so easy any more but not too hard either.  I can’t believe I’ve lost so much flexibility.  I used to be hyper-mobile and could literally flop into Chinese splits, no problem.  Gee, it is so easy to lose things bit by bit and never realize how much you prize them until they are gone.


3 thoughts on “January 01, 2011 SketchJournal”

  1. Oh i love your first entry and OUCH on catching your hair! Mine isn’t anywhere near waist length and I have done the same from same position… 🙂

    Looking forward to watching your journal fill up.

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