R3’s Dr. Who tennies

After destroying yet another pair of tennies(in less than four months this time), R3 just had to have a pair of Converse tennis shoes.  A lot of the girls she knows have them, but she wanted them after seeing the tenth Doctor wearing them.  His were red and high-topped, but her favorite color is blue.  We searched all over to find a blue pair in her size.  She was tickled pink when we found these!!  We tease her about buying her a bow tie and fez like the eleventh Doctor, but she is a good sport.

(The funny scallops are because, in bound journals, I trim out pages so the book won’t splay later when it is full.)




4 thoughts on “R3’s Dr. Who tennies”

  1. Well you have been busy! I hope you enjoy Carla’s class – looks like you’ll have a blast.

    i like the shoes sketch – and who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes like the Dr??

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