Ducks at Bass Pro and R2 Surfing

For the last lesson in Jane Lafazio’s Watercolor on Location class we had to draw moving animals.  Our house is pet-less since we all have major allergies and it is till way too cold to go to the zoo, so I was stumped trying to figure out what to draw.  Luckily there is a nearby Bass Pro that has an indoors pool with fish and ducks.  I went at night and the lighting indoors was dimmer than I would have liked by the pool and I had trouble really seeing the details in the ducks’ plumage.  That was probably a blessing in disguise since it forced me to keep the sketch really simple.  The ducks were in constant motion so this was a really challenging assignment– but a lot of fun!! 2011Feb028


When we came back home I wanted to get in my ink drawing for the day and was at a loss for what to draw.  R2 was surfing the web and I really need work on drawing people, soooooo he was my victim/model for today.  The smear on his elbow is where my fountain pen ‘burped’ on the page.  Vintage pens are nice and have flexible nibs the newer pens can’t even begin to compare with, but they are unpredictable……..


R3’s Rose Set

I was in R3’s room setting up her new computer (ugg, I just did this for R2) and we had to wait for it to make the recovery discs so I was killing time sketching.  I love her bedroom set, it is lovely with carved roses in the headboard and stained glass roses on her mirors and glass doors.  Since she really isn’t into the overtly girly, pink stuff I thought she didn’t like it anymore.  After I put that on my drawing she said she doesn’t like super-cute, kiddie, girlish things anymore but she still likes the roses.  Cool.


Unknown Bird Figurine

I’m two weeks into the 75 Day Ink Only Challenge.  For today, the drawing is of an unkown bird toy that I have sitting on my computer desk.  R1 thinks it might be from Pokemon.  I have it because it is black fading to red on its crest, tailfeathers, and breast– it reminds me of a phoenix or firebird.  Naturally, it joined the zoo of figures perching on top of my desk’s rolltop.




 I guess boys will be boys……  The kiddos have gone from toddlers building toy guns out of Duplo blocks to teens blasting each other with airsoft guns.  R1 and R2 have turned the backyard into an obstacle course and get all geared up with masks, etc. to attack each other with everything from pistols to machine guns. 

Of course, DH and R2 would come home with diner just as I began this drawing.  So this is a warped drawing of my warped kiddos toy!!!


R4 is feeling puny and running a fever today and I think it is spreading to the rest of the family, so today is just a quick ink sketch.  I’m ten or so days into the 75 days Ink Only Challenge and it is humbling.  So many mistakes and false starts get whisked away by the eraser when drawing in pencil, in the ink drawings the mistakes sit there giggling at me and blowing rasberries!!


Polar Bear Weather Again!

Mother Nature is teasing us here.  We had a few beautiful warm days and now we are set to drop 30 degrees overnight!! Hopefully, it won’t last long and we can break out the shorts soon.  I love the idea of using the little plastic children’s animal toys as models.  Roz Stendahl posted about it on her blog so I dug up some of the kiddo’s and bought a few of my own.  Perfect, they don’t move or take up much room and are always willing to pose for a drawing.


My Valentine’s day roses are wilting, but they still make for interesting drawing models.  The ink I used for this direct ink drawing is by J. Herbin and is rose scented.  It is definitely something I will buy again, it makes a neat writing ink (I couldn’t resist doing DH’s Valentine’s card with it).