Blown away by the Blizzard

Well January is finished and so is the journal of daily drawings that I made for the month.  I really like the book I used, The art of watercolor, 180 gsm A5, 5.75″ X 8.50″.  It took a pretty wet watercolor wash with little to no buckling and the paper was thick enough to prevent show through of dark colors. The only draw back to working in it was being limited to one type of paper and format, although I did like being able to make two page spreads across the gutter.  I think this month I’ll just do maybe a drawing or so a week in a journal so I can use other papers for the rest of the time.  I did todays drawing in a new journal, the Venezia by Fabriano 90lbs , 6″ X 9″.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit onto my scanner.  I’ve run into this problem before and am thinking of researching a new scanner since mine is ancient anyways…..  Any recs for a larger format scanner?  The good thing about mine is that as a flatbed, it tucks away into the computer keyboard slide out tray of the rolltop desk where I let my laptop and printer rest.  I can pull it out to scan and then tuck it out of the way when i’m finished.  Do they even make flatbeds anymore?  R1’s new set up is a big cube shaped all-in-one.



6 thoughts on “Blown away by the Blizzard”

  1. I hope things are good and getting better there. It sure looks cold from the drawing, and I really like the manga style incorporated ^^ Very beautiful drawing to illustrate what’s going on right now

  2. Congratulations on completing a month of daily art!! Sorry I can’t help you with your question about scanners .. I know absolutely nothing about them except how to use the one I have (not a flat one). nancy

  3. your snow deep drawing made me laugh—that’s no lie for sure! I have one of the old flatbed HP scanners and hope it keeps on keeping on…as it is so much better then the one that is part of a newer printer—it’s on the top and does not do a great job like the old one…

  4. Cute page! No idea about scanners…mine is an HP all-in-one scanner/printer etc. I do like and haven’t had any problems though. I have ‘the art of watercolor’ book too. I didn’t like it much because the texture of the pages weren’t always consistent across the spread. Not sure why that bothered me so much!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    It is actually getting better here. I even made it out to the library today.

    The search for a scanner has been a bit disappointing, turns out my old scanner actually has more dpi and depth than most (affordable) large format ones out there today. Leave it to DH, when he buys electronics he researches it to death then gets the cutting edge,LOL!!

    Raena–Thanks! The texture of the book only was a bother to me when I used colored pencils. That’s part of why I don’t want to commit to doing all my dailies in the same book, I’m tired of the book dictating the media. Plus, I’ve got way too many books and papers hanging around here that I want to experiment on, LOL!!

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