Historic City Square, Headphones

For Jane Lafazio’s Sketchbook and Watercolor on Location class this week, it was sketching outdoors.  It has warmed up here a lot so this was great timing.  I packed up the kiddos and drove to a town south of us with an historic city square complete with a bell tower on top of the old courthouse.  They all sat in the van doing homework while I sketched and painted using the steering wheel easel method,LOL!  We were parked in front of the new city hall anex, I wonder what folks coming in and out thought of the crazy lady drawing away??

For an ink drawing a grabbed a pair of the kiddos headphones.  I stopped buying them the in-the-ear models after reading how that was the worse type for causing hearing damage and started buying them ones that sat outside their ears.  We’ve been through almost every version, the ones that hook over the ears like Bluetooths do, the behind the head,  then over the head types.  The kiddos actually like this old school, earmuff type the best.  It’s comfy on their ears (they even sleep in them) and they say that they can hear more of the music this way, especially complicated pieces like classical piano.  Yes, they do like classical music and listen to it voluntarily along with just about every other flavor of music there is (barring dark, discordant music like death metal).  They are an eclectic bunch.


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