Polar Bear Weather Again!

Mother Nature is teasing us here.  We had a few beautiful warm days and now we are set to drop 30 degrees overnight!! Hopefully, it won’t last long and we can break out the shorts soon.  I love the idea of using the little plastic children’s animal toys as models.  Roz Stendahl posted about it on her blog so I dug up some of the kiddo’s and bought a few of my own.  Perfect, they don’t move or take up much room and are always willing to pose for a drawing.


My Valentine’s day roses are wilting, but they still make for interesting drawing models.  The ink I used for this direct ink drawing is by J. Herbin and is rose scented.  It is definitely something I will buy again, it makes a neat writing ink (I couldn’t resist doing DH’s Valentine’s card with it).



2 thoughts on “Polar Bear Weather Again!”

  1. I’ve seen Roz’s models and I love the idea. I wonder if my neighbor’s kid would miss any of her toys?! LOL Wonderful polar bear and the ink sounds interesting!

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