Steamboat Arabia Museum Pen Sketches

Our assignment in Jane LaFazio’s Watercolor on Location class was to go sketching in a museum or shop and skip the pencil, instead sketching directly with a Tombow pen.  After church today, I drove up to the Steamboat Arabia Museum to get in some sketches.  I’d never been to the museum before and it was very nice.  Our guide was wonderful, and I would have enjoyed the museum even without sketching.  I’m one of those people who can focus and tune everthing else out (just ask DH, he hates trying to get my attention when I’m reading!!) so I really wasn’t bothered by folks peaking over my shoulder while I was sketching.  I did get a laugh when I was roughing in a sketch of a gunpowder flask.  The gift shop lady stopped by and said, “My, you are intent.  Are you sketching the flask or a lightbulb?”  What a hoot!!! Things like that definitely keep you humble!


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