A Month of Direct Ink Drawings

Wow, thirty days of direct ink drawing with only forty-five days left.  Seventy-five days is looking like a loooong time!!  Today was a quickie with a vintage Swan self filler and Noodler’s Ink.  This is a REALLY sketchy sketch because the pen literally stunk.  When resacing an old hard rubber pen sometimes there is this nasty burnt rubber smell that occurs while filing the old sac bits off the neck.  This pen smells like that but I’ve never refurbished it or replaced the sac as I bought it in working order with a nice pliable sac.  I’ll have to figure out some way to get rid of the smell, maybe polish down the whole pen.  If I don’t this pen won’t see anymore use, it’s just way too smelly!  It would be a shame to shelve it since it has a nice nib and this really cool metal sleeve that it fits into to clip into a pocket- obviously a pre-integrated clip era model.


We were waiting for DH to finish up on the phone to watching a DVD so I did this little guy to kill time…


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