Basketball and R4 Studying

The kiddos talked me into playing basketball with them despite the fact that I have a bum knee and very long girly fingernails and I really didn’t feel like ruining either of them.  I don’t know who was more shocked when I said yes, me or them!!  They were really sweet and didn’t try to roughhouse or take me out like they do each other (they are all uber-competitive and play to win).  Much to my surprise, I had a lot of fun playing ball with them and DH.


More pen and people practice.  R4 was supposed to be studying, but I think he spent more time watching TV tonight….



3 thoughts on “Basketball and R4 Studying”

  1. Lovely pages! =) I simply love the cuteness in the girl with the basketball.
    I would never be able to persevere through 2 months of ink-only…I’d be to tempted to use my pencils(I am slowly realizing that I am a pencil guy…hahahaha) Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them

  2. Thank you both!! Sometimes I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this project but is fun and it keeps me drawing and those are the important things!!

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