The ink drawings for the 75 Day challenge were getting a little monotonous on plain white pages so I splashed a background on todays drawing. I think it stil counts as it was done directly in ink, it’s just not quite so blah and boring.


2 thoughts on “Binky”

  1. That’s exactly what I need – a pocket dragon! Great drawing! All of your wonderful ink drawings are really encouraging me to try drawing in ink more often. Maybe if i did the 75 day challenge it wouldn’t be so scary! Yours are looking great!

  2. Thanks Ann! I fell in love with the little pocket dragons when I first saw them.
    Bless you for the encouraging comments- sometimes it is so hard for me to like my ink drawings since there isn’t any way to correct the mistakes and I am (unfortunately) a bit of a perfectionist. It’s good to hear they aren’t as terrible as I fear, LOL!!

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