Bamboo Flute

Today’s drawing is one of my toys, a Native American Flute made out of bamboo by Faheem Wynn.  This one is flame scorched a bit with a dark bird and he named it Phoenix!  I love it, especially how it bows a bit and angles at the last growth ring.  Somehow, even though it isn’t a perfect machine made tube, it still sounds sweet.


I’m not sure why the ink feathered so badly in this drawing, it was my standard Noodlers (although in Beaver this time).  Maybe the brown is a tad thinner, or the nib of this Esterbrook is extra flexy and laid down a wetter line, or I fuzzed up the paper a bit when I painted the background before I began— or a combination of all three factors.  Who knows…  Anyway, in the spirit of the 75 Days of Ink, I just lived with it.  For me the main part of this challenge has been accepting a drawing as it is and not fussing with it, something I’m still struggling with.  Just twelve more days of Direct Ink Drawings!!

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