Flower Box

It is after 3 am and I am finally finished and posting my drawing/painting for today.  I’m rolling back the time stamp for the post to just before midnight so it posts on Tuesday, ’cause in my feeble brain Tuesday isn’t really over until I go to bed!!


A lesson from Laure Ferlita’s class- An Imaginary Visit to the Garden.

2 thoughts on “Flower Box”

  1. I love this! Is the lettering freehand or from a stencil? It’s lovely!

    3AM! I wish I could do that. Do you sleep late or are you just not sleeping at all? Wow – I could get so much more done if I could stay up all night!

  2. Deborah, the answer to both questions is a little bit of both, LOL…
    The word flowers is stenciled then I put in the drop shadow and the quote is handwritten.
    I’m a bit of an insomniac so I don’t sleep much, but if I can I love to sleep in a tad every now and then.

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