R4’s Bear-Spirit

Once upon a time.we went to a Royal’s game.  After the game we bought R4 a tiny Beanie-type blue bear with Sweeney written across his back after the first baseman at that time.  R4 took Sweeney everywhere and he was soon joined by many other tiny bear friends.  It is amazing how many places sell little bears as souevenirs!  Whever he went, R4 took pockets or backpacks full of bears and played with them like other kids played with dolls.  Once, as we were sitting at one of his big brothers ball games he emptied the pockets of his cargo pants and I counted over twenty of his little bear buddies he’d squished in there!!  R4 doesn’t carry them around like he used to, but he still plays with them in a giant wooden ‘bear’ house and carts them downstairs to stage football and baseball games with them.  He stuffs them into Barbie or GI Joe cars and bikes, builds Lego stages and gizmos for them and has all sorts of adventures with his buddies.  All that from one tiny little Sweeney bear souvenir!


PS:  As I was drawing this guy, R4 informed me that HER name was Spirit.


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