Back from Vacation

Well, I’m back from our family vacation!!  Despite my best intentions to keep up with my daily drawings on the trip, that didn’t happen.  Packing a family of six, stuffing the travel trailer and then driving straight through the night in a joucy, bouncy truck didn’t exactly lend itself to making a drawing, so I missed my first drawing of the year on the first night of the trip, bummer….  That did make it a little easier to skip drawing a few nights later when my oldest asked if I’d play card games with them or was I going to go hang out by myself in the back of the trailer drawing.  R1 is eighteen and there won’t be many more trips with him, so I put away my sketchbook for the trip and just enjoyed the time with the kiddos and DH.  I did take over a thousand pictures (really!!!), so I’ll have plenty of future drawing material.

This moose is from our trip last year to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We climbed all the way up to Bierstadt Lake the hard way instead of coming down from Bear Lake on the trail.  We were tuckered out at the top but it was worth it when we saw this moose come up to the lake while we were having our lunch. 


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