Month: January 2012

Eeek!  Maybe I should rethink using vintage photos to draw from.  They look so stern and harsh to begin with and my ink drawings only make these poor souls even scarier loking….


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It seems like it has been forever since the last time I made a drawing or posted on here, I feel so rusty!!!  I have been itching to draw again and learned so much from my attempt to draw everyday, that I decided why not go for it and try for another go at drawing daily for a year.  Time for me right now is very limited as I spend most of every day with R2 at rehab working on his recovery from the wreck.  I decided to keep my drawings very simple for now- just a quick pen sketch from photos.  I grabbed a bunch of royalty free photos from the Library of Congress Flickr stream etc. and put them on my IPad so I wouldn’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to draw.  I want to work on drawing people and straight to ink drawings really seam to be (for me) quick, honest and a great learning tool- so for a while that’s what I’ll be playing with.  Here is the first, a very dapper man in Noodler’s Beaver on Stonehenge paper.  the ink sat on the surface a bit and I found I could smear it with my finger for a touch of tone….


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