Avastin injection

Today was the third shot out of four in the initial bid to dry up a bleeding blood vessel on my retina.  It looks like it is working and the bleed is drying up along with the blood vessel shrinking.  I don’t think it will leave much of a scar in my vision,there is just a tiny blurry bit if I shut my right eye.  With both eyes open it is in the nice area of overlap and my brain picks thge clearer image from my right eye to use.  Thank goodness  for the new antiVEGF injections. They sound nasty and painful to get in your eyeball, but before this about 30 percent of the people with PXE lost their vision through a process similiar  to wet macular degeneration.  With the injections,  there is the hope of slowing down or stopping the loss of eyesight.



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