Face in brush pen

Another face from the Wetcanvas image gallery.


3 thoughts on “Face in brush pen”

  1. Welcome back! I am so glad things are getting back to normal, is better for your son, and that you can spend a little time focusing on what you enjoy. Don’t be too tough on yourself, while posting daily is a worthy goal I know with my obligations to family and my work, my schedule would never allow it. You have to understand that life sometimes will get in the way. If that happens, don’t stop – just start up again. My two cents.

    Cool drawing. What pen is that?! I want.

  2. Thank you Dan! You are so right, I do tend to be pretty tough on myself and am somewhat an all-or-nothing type of person.
    The pen is a Pentel standard brush pen with a suki (fine) tip from JetPens. It is pretty nifty since it can give a dry brush effect if you wipe the tip off with a paper towel first but then it can surprise you with a rich dark blob when the ink starts to flow again if you aren’t careful! A nice plus is the ink is slightly water soluble and can give a bit of a wash effect with a waterbrush.

  3. I’m so glad you’re back and that things are a bit easier to manage for you. And, I agree with Dan about being too hard on yourself. Do what you can when you can and try not to make it another source of stress. I really like what you’ve been doing! nancy

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