EDinM 14. Draw a figurine

I almost skipped this since today was my RS visit and my eye is achy after the shot, but I haven’t missed a daily sketch yet this year so….. Good news from the RS, no retina bleeds and the CNV keeps shrinking so now I get to go 10 weeks until the next shot. For such good news it was a pretty miserable experience at the Doc’s today. First I reacted to the fluoroscein dye and got really nauseous ( half dose from now on). Then the lucentis injection was different than the avastin I had before, my IOP spiked and my vision blacked out in the injected eye. Lot of eye pain and a killer headache that luckily faded pretty fast as the pressure normalized. When I got home and looked in the mirror I saw Dr had hit a blood vessel and I will now have a freaky bloody eye for the next few weeks. As if that wasn’t enough, my eyelid was majorly swollen. Apparently, I am becoming allergic to the antibiotic drops used for the injection. Gaackkkkk!!!!!! Oh well, it’s worth it to keep my sight!!!


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