Loose coneflower

I have a theory about myself and my daily painting/ drawing or lack there of. I am a bit stubborn and easily bored. I seem to be able to stick with a challenge if it is something I am interested in or want to learn. I think that is why I stuck with EDinM the year I decided to learn to draw manga, the EDinM I focused on buildings, Brenda Swensen’s 75 Day Direct Ink challenge, and the beginning of this year when I tackled painting people directly in brush pen and chalk on toned paper. It’s also why I fizzled out on the last two EDinMs where the subject matter was prechosen for me. I could never really work up the enthusiasm for subjects or challenges I hadn’t chosen. I know, a bit spoiled and definitely stubborn but that is how my brain works.

We’ll see if my theory holds with this 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. As I said in previous posts, even though I am a tight painter I loooove the look of loose watercolours. So I am going to try to use this challenge to learn to loosen up. Since this is the opposite of how my brain works, I am starting off by following a few demos. When I first started blogging this is how I started off learning to draw manga. I think it is a classic and wonderfully productive way to learn. After copying a few manga demos (always crediting the sources) I was off and running on my own- now I have my little chibi alter ego scattered throughout my journals and artwork. However, somewhere along the way I ran across the idea that this was frowned upon and not to be posted. Still I think it is a great way to learn, so my painting today is from a demo by Vickie Henderson, http://vickiehendersonsketchbook.blogspot.com/2011/08/coneflowers-wet-in-wet-and-colors-of.html








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