Category: Every Day in May 2009

Everyday_mini I went to my youngest son's baseball practice this afternoon and saw this little tree over by the shelter house.  I decided to play with my brushpen and do a quick sketch of it.  A fun way to spend a practice.


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Everyday_mini Just a quickie for Day 5 since I'm double posting today……..


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Everyday_mini We had this odd bird stop by our feeders a few weeks ago.  He was the size and shape of a blackbird, but with an orange-yellow hood and white eyes on his wings where the red would be on a red-wing blackbird.  We took tons of photos and dug out the bird books.  It turns out he was a yellow headed blackbird passing through on his way north.  I finally got around to doing his drawing in my journal for todays EDinM entry.


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Everyday_mini I'm not so thrilled with this watercolor and ink daffodil, I should have scanned it before adding the background.  Live and learn……..


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Everyday_mini Day 2 for Every Day in May.  I saw this sweet mourning dove perched on one of my deck posts and decided to sketch it for today's entry.  As soon as I grabbed a notebook and pencil and started to draw it flew off!  I finished from memory, something I definitely need practice at.  When the kiddos saw this sketch and I told them that it was for EDinM, the first words out of their mouths were "What, no chibis?"  Maybe there will be manga later in the month, but for now I'm just experimenting and playing.


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 Everyday_mini It's that time of year again, time for Every day in May.  The goal is to make a drawing a day during May and post it.  Sooo, let the fun begin!


Testing out a new-to-me vintage pen and Noodler's ink.


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