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2010 EDinM #29


I went to Walmart today to buy replacement heads for our electric toothbrushes.  They were locked up!! We had to have an associate get them.  She said someone had recently stolen all the ones on display.  Honestly, who steals toothbrush heads???  We live in a supposedly nice, safe suburb but it seems crime is increasing everywhere these days.

2010EDinM029 This scanned so light I tried to color correct it, but the corrected version seems kinda fake to me.

This happens a lot to me with pencil drawings.  Any suggestions on how to fix it?  I scanned it with and without black paper beside it.


2010 EDinM #23


Normally DH takes R4 to his baseball practice, but hubby had stuff to do for work so I took him to it.  I brought along my sketchbook so I could get in some practice of my own– drawing people.  We were the first people there so it was easy to set up my folding chair and get all nice and comfy with my feet propped up on the side of the bleachers.  While the boys were warming up and playing catch I managed to get a sketch that remotely resembles a ball player.

2010EDinM023a After that, they mainly had pitching and batting practice.  I tried to get a handle on sketching the batters, but didn’t have any luck.  Working on the foreshortening in their stances and the changing batters was hard enough, but then this other parent, who had been sitting at the far end of the bleachers, plunked down right in front of me!!!  Grrrr!! So I sketched him, take that Mr!!  LOL!!!


2010 EDinM #20, #21, #22


I’m catching up on my EDinMs since we finally had a sunny day today and I could get out and sketch buildings.  While I was sketching this church from my van DH and the kiddos stopped by in his car.  R2 snuck up on me and scared me to death while I was sketching.  Luckily, I was just doing the pencil part so the wild mark I made on the page was easily removed.  DH is the bestest, the reason they stopped by was to bring me a caramel sundae since it was really hot and muggy out!!


I started sketching this ivy covered barn right before sundown.  It was greyish white, but the sunset cast a lovely golden light on it.  While I was sketching the lady whose house I was parked in front of came out to see what I was there for, a policeman slooooowly cruised next to me, and two dogwalkers chatted about what a neat old barn it was.


This final sketch was right at sundown.  It got so dark in the van that I couldn’t see the color of the paint in my palette box so I finished it at home.

So there, I’m all caught up again.

2010 EDinM #18, #19


I ran around like a crazy person on Tuesday shopping with the kiddos.  All I have to show for the 18th is a quick scribble of feet, well a foot and an extra toe peeking out.  My son said, “it must be pretty bad if all you can come up with are your own feet.”  Cheeky boy…


The drawing for the 19th is one of my favorite fountain pens, a Conklin Crescent.  Supposedly this was one of Mark Twain’s as well, since it was easy to fill, wrote for a long time and the crescent prevented swearing caused by his pen rolling away from him!  I just like the feel of the nib and the fact that something nearly 100 years old is still a joy to work with today.  The pen was originally black chased rubber, but sometime during its long life it was exposed to sunlight and oxidized to a nice mellow brown.


Yes, the time stamp for this post is correct.  Once again I’m posting in the wee hours.  I really need to get my hours straightened out………..

2010 EDinM #17


After I dropped our older kids off at the teen devo, I drove over to sketch in a little old, historic downtown.  Someone had converted this filling station into a barbecue joint, of all things!  DH and our youngest son were with me. I sketched and R4 did homework and DH did stuff for his job.  I’m surprised a policeman didn’t stop by– I was scribbling away on a pad, DH was ploinking on a computer and lugging paperwork back and forth from the back of the van– we could have been plotting rather nefarious deeds, LOL!!